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Q: Where are the glutenfreek cakes and biscuits baked?

A: All Glutenfreek goods are baked in a commercial kitchen in Brisbane under relevant Food Licences and Food Safety Supervisor certificates.

Q: How big are the cakes?

A: Loaves are 21cm x 11cm, square cakes are 18cm square, and the ring cakes are 18cm round with a 5cm centre hole.

Q: What is the shelf life of glutenfreek goods?

A: The biscuits do not contain any eggs or fresh fruit so have a long shelf life of at least four weeks, refrigerated.  The cakes are best eaten within two weeks, and stored in the fridge. Both the cakes and biscuits can be frozen for three months.

Q: When is baking day?

A: At present, we bake all glutenfreek goods on Wednesday.

Q: When is the ordering deadline?

A: Mondays 12pm.