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You could try but I doubt it'd make much difference

"You could try but I doubt it'd make much difference"These words, spoken by my gastroenterologist sixteen years ago, just keep swimming around and around in my head. I had asked him if I should consider changing my diet to help with my Crohn's Disease. I had already had life saving emergency surgery to remove a section of my diseased intestine that had ruptured as a result of undiagnosed Crohn's. I had a stoma with an ileostomy bag over it, and my weight had plummeted from long term malnutrition and the severe peritonitis. I was due to have my stoma reversed and have my intestines stapled back together once they had healed significantly.Now, the world was a different place back then;...

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So, it's gluten free - Big Deal!

Some of you, due to geographical reasons only, will never get to taste any glutenfreek goods.  My heart goes out to you.  Some of you flatly refuse to try.  I completely understand this reluctance. Past experiences have taught you that gluten free cakes are tasteless, dry, and have a pasty mouthfeel.  Due to their lack of flavour they are loaded with refined sugars to trick your palate into thinking, "This is yummy cake". The Big Deal with glutenfreek is in the amazing ingredients.  You've heard every celebrity chef say it, and I can only concur -  You need fresh, high quality ingredients to make amazing food.  Most, if not all, of the commercially available gluten free cakes (the ones in...

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Making Changes

I've always resisted change. Although I'm working on it, I know I can be and have been stubborn.  The way I saw change was that it was not my friend.  It was scary and out of my control. I know many people feel this way. and that the prospect of making changes to their diet is also scary.  It doesn't usually happen on a whim.  From what I've seen, it usually takes a fairly serious health issue to even get someone to consider giving up whole food groups. Many people look at me and assume I changed my diet as soon as I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (when my intestine ruptured).  I nearly died, I had major life-saving surgery,...

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My Spanish Love Affair: Part 1

So here I am, four days back in Oz, after an amazing six week trip to Scotland and Spain.  There is so much I've been wanting to share with you but this is the first day I've actually felt normal enough to write.  Jet lag has been short but intense this time around. When you meet someone for the first time in Spain you say "Encantada", which means "Pleased to meet you".  The literal translation, however, is "Enchanted".  I couldn't think of a more fitting way to describe my feelings for this beautiful part of the world. I am truly encantada with Andalusia, Spain. Each time friends ask about our trip I find it difficult to express just how much...

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Realising a Dream

  I don't want to spend too much time explaining my absence from this blog. Suffice to say I have moved house. Well, we are physically living in a different home but we are nowhere near finished with the unpacking and proper sorting of rooms. Our enthusiasm completely died after the mammoth task of packing up our old place. We will get there eventually. Lots of great and interesting things have happened between my last blog post and this one but the one big event that got my arse on this seat, however, was that I met Sandra Ramacher.  Who is she I hear you say? It is difficult to put into words what this woman has meant to me....

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